Shiney's RRtY

Martyn Shiner’s RRtY site built with Hugo from Google Sheets data.

About this site

I have been doing the Audax UK Randonneur Round the Year (RRtY) challenge since 2019. According to the Audax UK website this is:
"One of the tougher challenges on offer, RRtY requires a BR or BRM event in each of 12 successive calendar months"
I record all of my rides in Strava, but wanted a way to keep track of just the RRtY challenge rides. I set up a Google Sheet to record this data (see here) but wanted a better way to share the content with the world.

So here it is..... Shiney's RRtY

The latest ride in the series is Cheltenham New Flyer 200 which I rode on 11 May 2024.

About me

Evil bearded accountant. Opinionated. Randonneur. Likes numbers, code and Belgian beer.

If you are interested in understanding how I built this site then have a look at the this page.