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Series 4 Period Q2 2023 to Q3 2023, Ride number 4

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Good weather so managed to get the July 2023 edition done.

Started off somewhat chilly but soon warmed up. Rode the Sabbath on the new Panaracer GravelKing Slick tyres - 32mm at 60psi front and rear gives a lovely comfy ride even on some of the shockingly bad back roads.

First stop in Crewkerne Costa at 78km was welcome - the drizzle that started on leaving was not (10% chance of rain my arse). Anyway, it passed over soon enough and any dampness was chased away by the stiffening west-north-westerly.

Seaton was lovely at 113km before the journey home. This became a fight with rather erratic routing courtesy of RideWithGPS (unpaved path anyone?) and a long, slow circle around the energy drain. I should’ve stopped at Axminster but it it seemed too quick and I ended up regretting that decision - especially as I was running out of water and there were no garages/shops on the route.

After a sit down and a Nakd bar in Isle Brewers I decided to stop in North Curry at the shop. To my surprise the Community Cafe was still open - a coffee and cake stop was just what I needed.

33km still go I headed out into the now quite windy flats towards Bridgwater. A bit of planned gravel on the cycle path to Bawdrip, over Woolly and across the levels to home.

Slow, but then I haven’t had the best July - also I guess I should expect to be tired at the end given I got the fuelling and hydration wrong.

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